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UPVC Window Spraying Benefits

uPVC Windows Spraying is a cost-effective solution to renew life into your exterior

UPVC Window Spraying

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All UPVC windows get exposed to the same battering of weather conditions from the moment they are installed, the result, is that after just a few short years, they can begin to look tired, worn-out and lifeless, as a direct result of UV exposure coupled with a consistent stream of dust and pollution.

That is why we have 7 solid reasons why you should use our uPVC window spraying service:

  1. It breathes new life into your property, transforming the outward appearance of your home or business by restoring and rejuvenating your UPVC windows.
  2. Can be finished to any colour that you want, we even colour match to meet your existing design and colour-scheme.
  3. It is highly cost-effective, costing you 75% less than if you were to buy new windows
  4. It is a quick and seamless process that only takes a couple of days, saving you time
  5. Highly weather and UV resistant. The special paint we apply, provides additional protection from the elements.
  6. Its guaranteed for at least 10 years
  7. Respraying will extend the life of your windows!

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    10 year window spraying warranty
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    free window spraying quotes

    Appearance Matters

    Many of us, dare we say nearly everyone throughout the UK is house-proud, especially as nowadays, climbing the housing ladder is becoming a harder and harder thing to achieve. And like everything that you have worked so hard to achieve, you want it to look good – and why shouldn’t you, appearance matters!

    uPVC Window Spraying

    Today, curb appeal makes such an impact alone that it can, in many cases determine whether or not prospective buyers or tenants even enter your house to view and/or purchase. A lot of that off-put is the result of tired, worn-out uPVC windows. But this goes beyond just domestic properties.

    The exact same standards and pre-judged impressions can be said of commercial buildings too. At the end of the day, customers are going to be less inclined to visit your shop, or outlet, to purchase your goods or services if the appearance of your business, or worse, your brand looks to be in tatters.

    This leads many to question, do they need to replace the windows? And truth is, most of the time, the windows are working perfectly fine, but have been bruised and battered by the vast range of weather conditions that we receive here in the UK.

    The solution. Restore and rejuvenate with uPVC window spraying!

    Elite Spraying Systems Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our UPVC Window Spraying jobs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    We can respray any UPVC window. However, in the case of listed buildings, you may need to sort permission first from the local council first. The reason being is the grade the building has been listed under, usually results in certain limitations or prohibitions being applied, preventing radical changes being made to the property.

    For example. Grade 1 listed building is next to impossible to get permission, most likely because of its historical significance. Whereas grade 4 is more likely to receive permission but will have conditions that must be met in order to gain approval.


    Getting a cost for your uPVC spraying comes down to a few things. How many windows are being sprayed, size, if there are any doors or other surfaces being sprayed. For more information about getting a quote, feel free to contact us here


    We cover all of the North West and have been known to make arrangements for areas throughout the UK. Feel free to speak with us and see if we can come and spray your windows!


    The only time respraying your UPVC windows is not a viable option for you is if the windows no longer work. However, most windows once installed tend to have an average lifespan of 20-25 years before problems with them begin to arise if ever any at all.