Kitchen Resprays

Professional Kitchen Cupboard Painters

When it comes to restoring life into your home, quite often all it needs is a good lick of paint. That’s where our highly experienced kitchen respray team are on hand to not only deliver quality kitchen painting services, but a professional and friendly service.

Kitchen Resprays

Is spray painting kitchen cabinets a good idea?


Not only is painting your existing cabinets a cost-effective solution to rejuvenating your tired kitchen cupboards, but it also helps to protect and make them last longer!

However, painting your cabinets with a roller or brush often leads to uneven paintwork and a less than desirable finish. At Elite Spraying Systems, our kitchen respray team specialise in spray painting your cabinets to give you the result you had in your mind when you decided to get your cabinets painted.


Stain and fingerprint resistant kitchen cupboards


When repainting your cupboards, we use a gloss or semi-gloss latex enamel paint that leaves a hard, shiny finish. We use this paint because not only does it look quality when finished, but it is resistant to stains that are inevitable in the kitchen.


Easy cleaning cupboards


Due to the nature of gloss and semi-gloss paint, cleaning your cupboards it’s a breeze.
Being a hard-wearing paint, fingerprints and stains wipe away easily which means there is a lasting look of freshness.

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    free window spraying quotes

    How to paint your kitchen cupboards


    As with all of the paint jobs our sprayers complete, we always prep and prime the surfaces that we are working with.

    To ensure that all the paint fully sticks to the surface, sometimes it is needed to sand down the existing cabinets, wash them and get rid of all existing kitchen grease and grime, and prep them with a primer. The added bonus of using a primer is we apply a special stain resistant primer that does what it says in the tin – is resistant to stains.

    After all the prep is done, our kitchen respray team get to work applying a coat of paint that matches the colour you picked. Like when we spray our upvc windows, we apply multiple coats of paint that always achieves the desired finish.

    Elite Spraying Systems Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our Kitchen Resprays jobs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    When it comes to painting your kitchen, our kitchen cupboard painters recommend spray painting over using a brush or a roller.

    The reason for this is that there are depending on your cabinets there may be a lot of unlevel surfaces. Spray painting your cabinets will allow for an even coat of paint in all the hard to reach areas – plus the added benefit of no brush marks


    Having your cabinets resprayed can completely transform your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of getting it replaced.

    Often we find that kitchen cabinets are still in good working order and they are just lacking a bit of life. Speak with our professional kitchen cupboard painters to see if we can help you


    Getting your cabinets resprayed will cost substantially less than getting your whole kitchen replaced when things are looking a bit dated.

    The cost of getting your cabinets restored all comes down to how many cabinets you have and what condition they are in before we start work cleaning and priming them. To get a quote simply contact us here