Garage Door Spraying

Garage UPVC Spray Painting

When looking to spruce up your garage there’s nothing easier than giving the door a fresh coat of paint. Here at Elite Spraying Systems, we are dedicated to the highest quality standards to instantly boost your curb appeal.

Garage Door Spraying

If you have a uPVC garage door, Elite Spraying Systems have years of experience that will have your garage looking new again. Our painters are specialists and pride themselves in their ability to give a flawless finish – we guarantee it. In fact, we’re so confident, we guarantee all of our work for 10 years!


Garage Door Resprays


If you are tired of your garage door looking tired or simply want to have a change of colour, our specialist garage door painters are on hand to carry out high quality, professional resprays.

Not only can our spray technicians bring life back to your exterior, having your uPVC garage doors painted can help protect them from the elements including harsh sunlight to freezing cold weather.


Get the colour that is right for you


Here at Elite Spraying Systems, we pride ourselves in being able to match any colour that is thrown our way. We also have a comprehensive range of colours to suit you and your home. Speak with one of our specialists today to get a quote!


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    10 year window spraying warranty
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    free window spraying quotes

    Why get a garage door respray?


    There are many different reasons you may want to get your garage door sprayed instead of replaced ranging from being cost-effective to the ease of service.

    1. Getting a brilliant result, quickly – depending on how many surfaces need spraying, we aim to have jobs fully completed in a couple of days. However, smaller jobs can be finished in a day!
    2. Cost-effected uPVC spraying – Getting your garage door sprayed instead of completely replaced can save you thousands. Most of the time, doors just need a little bit of life added to them
    3. 10-year warranty – As with all of the work we do at Elite Spraying Systems, we offer a 10-year warranty on garage door spraying
    4. Protective barrier – our paint can extend the life of your uPVC garage door as it acts as a protective barrier against the elements

    Elite Spraying Systems Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our Garage Door Spraying jobs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    If you are just wanting to have your uPVC garage door sprayed the this should only take a day. This is because we need to clean the surfaces and apply multiple coats to the door to ensure a perfect finish


    Quite often, all your uPVC surfaces may just need some attention. Having your doors sprayed instead of replaced is not only cost-effective but time effective too!


    Getting a cost for your uPVC garage door spraying comes down to a few things. How many surfaces are being sprayed, size, if there are any doors or other surfaces being sprayed? For more information about getting a quote, feel free to contact us here